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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has set the PPI claims deadline.

You now have until the 29th August 2019 to submit your PPI claim.

If you were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance on your loan, credit card or mortgage, you must submit your claim before this date or face being unable to recover any money you may be rightfully entitled to.

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of our customers didn't know they had PPI

Like many people you’ve probably taken out a loan, a credit card or a mortgage…

Did you know that means you could be owed PPI?

If you took out a loan, PPI could have been added without your agreement or knowledge – especially if the policy wasn’t explained properly to you. If you have taken our a credit card, PPI could have been added to your loan repayments without your knowledge.

  • Mortgages often come with a side of PPI, a lot of the time the insurance was mis-sold.
  • Store cards also have been known to add PPI to your agreement.
  • Maybe you’ve had a car on finance? Some PPI may have slipped in to the agreement.
  • If you have a packaged bank account – you may have been charged for it without you knowing.

In all of these cases – you could be owed compensation.

We Help You Claim Back From:

Lloyds Bank PPI Claims
Nat West PPI Claims
Barclays PPI Claims
Yorkshire Bank PPI Claims
RBS PPI Claims
Halifax PPI Claims

(And many more...)

Everyone should claim back their PPI – and here’s how:

1. Do it alone
(which the banks would love).

Here’s reasons why that’s risky:

  • You might have more than one claim with more than one lender
  • You’ll need to know the right way to prepare and manage your claims
  • You’ll need to prove the PPI was mis-sold
  • You’ll need to do all the communication with your lenders

2. Get the professionals to do
(and we’re one of the market leaders)

Why is that a good idea?

  • It’s a simple process for you, we will ask you quick questions to see whether you had any PPI on any agreements
  • We have tons of experience handling claims and strive to make sure you get the best outcome.
  • We don’t hide any costs and there are no upfront costs. You only have to pay our fee when you have your compensation (subject to T+Cs).

Since 2010, we’ve been dedicated to helping set things straight.

With over £400m in offers already secured for mis-sold PPI, we want to make sure that the billions that’s left, that’s still owed to millions, gets repaid too.

So if you took out any of the above between 1980-2010, or if you’re not too sure – let us do the work for you to see if you’re owed any money – free of charge!

And if you were affected? We can help you make your claim – that’s if you want us to of course. We will only charge a penny if your claim is successful with us (subject to T+Cs).

Frequently Asked Questions

We have an experience team of professionals to handle everything on your behalf.

You can always check the status of your claim online at any time

We will never charge you upfront fees

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was an insurance product sold alongside credit agreements – and we’re talking beyond your usual loans and credits – it extended to mortgages/store cards/catalogues/car finances and more.

The reason was to help the customer keep up their payments incase they got sick or unemployed and couldn’t pay.

These policies reaped huge commissions to the banks and providers – in fact the majority of the profit from these loans and credits they gave out, were made from PPI!

All to people that didn’t want it or need it.

Customers were pressured into buying this insurance, and in fact in some cases it was compulsory – even for people who didn’t need it! In fact in the worst scenarios, customers weren’t eligible to claim on their policy.

The PPI scandal is insane. We think that all PPI was mis-sold.

It was very expensive and the things it said it would cover – it didn’t cover! (Without anyone being told of course).

If PPI was sold, it was mis-sold. And it’s time for the banks to be honest about it.

We are happy to take on any debate regarding this, because we know we can prove our point.

Forget the stigma behind claiming back PPI – that’s what the banks want. The only scam involved is by the banks.

PPI Claims Help UK is leading the fight to reclaim your money and we’ll keep going until everyone gets what they deserve.

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